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Green Line & Battery Drainage After Software Update!! SAMSUNG TAKE NOTE!!

(Topic created on: 08-10-2023 02:47 PM)
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Hi everyone, I'm experiencing as above mentioned subject same like the rest of you out there. The customer service requested me to pay for repair over their software failure, the reason being that my phone no longer under warranty. This is absurd. 
Let me tell you samsung, me, my whole family, and relatives used to be Samsung loyalty/supporter customers. After this, not anymore. I guess I am giving up on samsung after all the disappointment I'm facing with samsung products. 1st, I talked about this phone, and I'm sad this is how they handle their failure by pushing it to the customer. This gonna be my last phone with samsung. 2nd, samsung aircond failure. I used to have 3 units of samsung aircond, and it has gas leaking problems that can not be fixed after spending so much money for years. Finally, recently, I replaced all 3 units with the Panasonic brand. 3rd, samsung 50-inch smart TV, use less than 4 years, screen displays problem and the repair cost thousands. Finally, last month, I replaced it with Panasonic 55inch. FYI, samsung product is not cheap. Now I personally experience that samsung products don't come with quality, including a smartphone. I don't know what is so good about samsung. Brand with lousy qualities. Sorry to say this, this is not just my experience. But people around me as well. 
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Sorry to hear about your experience with Samsung products.
Hope Samsung Malaysia will be able to resolve your issues better 🙏
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Which phone have this problem?
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First of all, you did nothing wrong for voicing out your opinion because it is your rights as a consumer. So don’t feel sorry about it.


Secondly, I feel sad to your devices too which include of your mobile and the aircons. I won’t say Samsung is a bad brand because in terms of technology, they are moving way too fast and advance. To be honest their technology is way too good compared to many other brands out there.


To me the only problem from Samsung is responsibility and also communication. Reason I said responsibility is because, for some mobile devices in India (I guess many will know what I meant) Samsung India did admit the problem and willing to help their users by giving them free replacement even after warranty is out. But what about other countries like us? Or maybe Singapore? When I said communication, this I believe you already know it when you deal with their customer support team. Most of their support team (Samsung Malaysia), they are not deal it with professionally and do not take the responsibility. I am not talking about responsibility on phone issue, I am talking about their servicing during phone repair, etc. Hard for me to explain it until you deal it yourself (I believe you already got the experience yourself). Lol. Actually, you can read through other customers review in this community page. Of course, not every customer support from them is that bad, but I can say that most of them are. Lol. Is real and I tried before (through chat, shop and also servicing too).


Conclusion is, Samsung still a great brand to invest. But if they really do something on what I mentioned above, I believe they can get even more customer or at least a loyal customer who will keep using their services and devices for long term.


** Please note that my point above is not to defend or hurt any party. Just my sincere opinion only. No offense yah.


Btw, all my electronic devices like aircon, TV and even ceiling fan, I am using the brand you mentioned (P). Lol. Trust me, you will only change it after 5 years or even longer. They don’t have the ecosystem like what Samsung did, but for long term use, yes, they are better. Lol (No promotion, please)..