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Green line on 3y5m old 20Ultra 5g 512gb

(Topic created on: 01-17-2024 07:34 AM)
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Yesterday it slowly appeared, A bright green line on my screen. Did some research and it seems a problem with Samsung phones now day? 
Did restart, safe mod restart and still there.
My last phone lasted me over 6 years, a galaxy note 3 lite (2014-2020). So I thought buying the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5g 512gb top of the range (pre-ordered too) in August 2020 It would last at least 5 years with no trouble with expensive high quality durable components. Well not the display! Disappointed now this has happened 😕 what a waste 🗑 of money that was... $2200 bucks! Turns me off any electronics that are top of the range. Well sopose to be... 
Don't make them like they use too. In saying that I have a Samsung laptop Series 7Ultra that's over 10 years old too. What has happened to Samsung? 
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Advice given by another member
"Everyone who purchased a Samsung phone in Australia is protected by the Australian Consumer Laws, which over-ride any warranties or disclaimers provided by Samsung. A $2500 phone would be expected to last for at least 4 years, without failure of components, and with reasonable product support from the manufacturer.

In addition, it is an offense under the Australian Consumer Laws for Samsung to make claims about firmware/security updates, and then not provide those updates as advertised, in a timely manner. Complaints to the ACCC could result in massive fines, and/or orders to provide compensation to Australians who have may have been misled by Samsung. Given the updates are crucial to phone security, timeliness of updates should be a core issue. "
Also Google "not fit for purpose"