Beginner Level 2
Galaxy Note
I have been only using this phone for 1 year and 9 months. That too for first 3 months, didn't even use it as my primary phone. Yesterday morning, suddenly a green line appeared on my display. Restarted my phone, system update is up to date. But, still the green line was still on my display. Was planning to take it to Samsung centre this weekend. Now, got second green line. 2 green lines on display and how am I supposed to use my phone as this is my primary phone. The green lines are blinking as well. Was feeling so good for owning a Samsung Note 20 ultra but then now I am really disappointed. I have never dropped my phone and was taking care of it really well. But, not sure because of what this green line is appearing on my display. Really disappointed with Samsung phone. I chose Samsung over another famous brand last time. Now, almost regret that decision. Warranty for one year is over. This is HK set that I purchased online. Surely have to pay a huge amount of money to fix this issue. I can see quite number of complaints online regarding green line appearing on their display for Samsung phones. Maybe it's time to say bye to Samsung and get a new one from another brand. Unless Samsung does something to fix this issue and do it with no charge. This isn't my fault as I never dropped my phone or did something wrong. I have been very careful with my phone and so far no issue until the green line appearing out of a sudden. I still can't believe that I am facing this issue in less than 2 years. I thought Samsung had a good quality phone. Hopefully Samsung will do something about this before more people loose trust on this brand.