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Galaxy Note

Enjoy the intelligent smoothness

Galaxy Note20 Ultra's Dynamic AMOLED display allows you to consume the content in the best condition by intelligently changing refresh rates depending on the situations. You can experience dynamic refresh rate adjustment based on the content you consume. The refresh rate is the number of times the screen is refreshed every second, so the higher the refresh rate, the faster the screen responds. Galaxy Note10 only supported a fixed rate of 60Hz refresh rate but Galaxy Note20 Ultra supports a maximum of 120Hz refresh rate to maximize its performance of smoothness on the screen.



The improved display refresh rate allows for clearer and smoother video quality when playing games with fast action and watching videos. The comparison of 60Hz and 120Hz is as follows.

The screen will be refreshed more times when you watch super high-quality animations and will be refreshed fewer times when you read articles that do not require a high refresh rate. 

Check out our guide How to adjust the refresh rate for step by step instructions.