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No more Note phones

(Topic created on: 08-04-2020 08:14 AM)
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Galaxy Note
Here's the glorious time where I started to anticipate the Note. 
But this time, nothing for me. I will stand to my Note 9 and when I'll need to buy a new phone, I'll look for a cheaper phone with almost the same quality but at half the Samsung Note.
In the last years I've been disgusted with Samsung not doing proper updates. And after the fact that samsung blocked the possibility of unlocking the bootloader to extend the life of the phone. 
And even worst, as a canadian I received the upgrades way later then everyone. 
And also the fact that there are so many variants of the model, that a model bought in some part of the world cannot be use in other parts of the world. 
I could say a lot more. My list of disgusting things is so long. 
The end... 
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Galaxy Note
I don't mind waiting for Samsung to put their polish on Android OS updates, I really appreciate OneUI in both function and form, it's not like there's some incredible new features we're missing out on, seemed like a lot of the new headline features Google is adding in the updates are things Samsung has already incorporated themselves, i.e. split screen/pop up views for app multi tasking, desktop mode... etc.

I do have to say I disagree with the direction Samsung is taking the Note model line, it was meant to be a productivity focused model for power users and is now pretty much an S with a pen. I've owned every Note(except 7) prior to my current which is a Note 9 I jus purchased 6 months ago to replace my 8 and will be staying with it for as long as possible. I put up with and ignored the curved screen on the 8 & 9, but after that, I would be upgrading to a less capable phone that has a hole in the screen. Example, the biometric iris sensor is great and reliable, it's face mask compatible and a key feature for me in the winter as I can unlock and use my phone with the pen without needing to take off my gloves or face covering.

The curved narrow screen is not very conducive to actual note taking with the SPen, it's an expensive gimmick that should be reserved for the S model line. It serves no benefit for the Note, the edge bar is nice but it's just software that would work the exact same on a flat screen.

Don't get me wrong, the new Samsung phones look very nice and are quality pieces of hardware, but function should come before form when it comes to the Note. Not that the Note should be ugly but a better balance between changes to form and how they would affect functions should've been found.

IMO a Note should have a flat screen that's a little wider and squared off, a bezel like the Note 9's so there's space for sensors, an SD card slot, and a friggen headphone jack. Id throw all my money at Samsung if they made that with top of the line specs and screen size, not some smaller dumbed down version.