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Samsung decisions lately

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Is there a reason Samsung decided to put the volume and power keys same side lately and leaving the other side completely keyless? Seems like a big waste of space and really weird compared to other phones / past designs? 

Off topic but I don't understand Samsung's decisions lately outside of the big reason for them being money, removing charger in box, headphone jack, now the MicroSD cards. Not making a Note phone this year... 

If they were trying to push the fold as their "top tier do everything phone" why doesn't it have the ultra tier cameras, built in Spen not the separate purchase or any of the other removed features. 

I feel like it's such a no brainer to include all these removed features to help them stand out from the pact and sell more units (more so talking about the Note series in this case) that's what everyone went to the note for, and would be a big decision maker for me to jump from the Note series to the fold series (along with note size outside screen like the Huawei mate X2). 

And bring back the IR blaster & Iris scanner Samsung. 

Once they started making + models for the S series I knew they were going to start trying to phase out the note. Then when the released a second better tier version of the Note with a stripped down version of the base mode that was worse than last year's mode in a lot of ways I thought ok this is getting ridiculous.

Why doesn't Samsung want to give consumers what they want anymore and we just have to make compromises.

All in All. With all these features being stripped lately, no Note series this year. I'm looking to jump ship from Samsung products this upgrade cycle around. 
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Hi, thank you for your valuable feedback. We would take this as feedback.

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Yep, Samsung used to be a leader, but aside from the EXPENSIVE Fold series, Samsung has become an Apple "fan-boy", following THEIR lead. 

Miss the good old days when Samsung ridiculed Apple, for the features that THEY removed, but now Samsung is doing exactly what Apple is doing.

No way in a month of Sundays, that I'll ever buy a Samsung device that doesn't have an external sd card. Samsung made that mistake with the S5 & Note 5, but they had the common sense to bring the sd card slot back the following year.

Cloud storage isn't;

As secure.

As readily available.

Can be expensive.

No thanks. 

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I somewhat agree with you in few points. If Mods can give feedback to Samsung head office, that will be great.

If pushing Fold device instead of Note, why not putting Note level camera. Also, if I use my phone as a personal device like Note, they should design Fold can insert the SPen instead. Bringing external pen is not convenience. Having a pen insert in the case make the Fold more bulky. 😞

@zicdeh - I think Samsung putting power key and volume keys on one side because maybe they need to make space for SPen insert in Note series.

For not making Note this year, probably due to chipset shortage. Same as many manufactures...like PS4, still out of stock now.

For headphone jack, this is an arguable topic, I am not gonna give comments. 🤐 Many loves bluetooth earbuds and keep technology going. But many still like thier wired headset due to better sound quality and no charging required.

For wall charger, I would say is trending follow steps from Apple. Business like to make more profits? Probably yes. 🤑

But I disagree remove SD Card since it is very useful and this is one of the reason I don't choose Apple. I still hoping Samsung can put SD card slot back as SD Card still not depreciate function in the technology time frame yet. 😑