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Samsung Note 9 screen discoloration

(Topic created on: 10-30-2020 10:51 AM)
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Galaxy Note
Please help guys on my samsung note 9 sudden screen discoloration. I heard that this was caused by March 2020 update a bug attached by Samsung deliberately.. and i heard about the FOC screen change. Issue is i bought this at Qatar.. and cant go back there now.
Galaxy Note
i had it on my a71 phone, when i got july one UI 2.1 update. i bought it here in phil, and wasn't much bothered coz it appears only when 1-5% of brightness. until i got a new update last 23 and notice that was gradually disappearing.
but it depends on your case, you should contact samsung virtuall support and raise your concern.
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Galaxy Note
Me too. My screen suddenly turned dull and hazy. I called Samsung hotline, did some troubleshooting with them, but the issue wasn't resolved. I was further advised to take my phone to a Samsung Service Center with a caveat that I may be charged for the repair since my phone is out of warranty already. But the issue seem to be caused by Samsung itself. So I do not agree that we should be charged for the repair of our phones.