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Secure folder not working after update on note20 ultra.

(Tema creado el: 01-04-2022 10:08 AM)
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Galaxy Note
Hi, I can't move nothing to my secure folder no more. Keep getting an error please fix this. 
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Galaxy Note

having same problem on my A71. Can't move anything to it or from secure folder. Sort it out Samsung!

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Galaxy Note
Hi, I accessed my secured folder 3 weeks ago. I desperately need some pictures and videos from the app, but now I have no access. I know my pin and I have entered it correctly. Still no access. I tried a while ago and saw that I have to wait 4 hours to try again. Can someone help me with a solution. I tried every solution listed and none worked. I did not get an option to change the password. When I try to find the option to clear cache, I'm taken right back to the screen that says wait 4 hours. It's really frustrating. I didn't back up the files because i thought that the secure folder was safe and secure and will always be accessible.
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