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UI 3.0 issues/problems I facing

(Topic created on: 12-24-2020 08:55 PM)
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Galaxy Note
Don't update it is worst UI .....
Even immediate use only few minutes already get superb annoying. 
1. Quick button become small button, navigate among button become more complicated and need expanding it to correctly trigger it. Noticrfication display less info.(feeling)
2. Swipe down menu become blur/ transparent. ( become more distracted and make view much more messy no option to disable it.
3. On dark mode still not perfected. Highlighted word show in white color box and the word also white color . Make it become invisible. Setting is not unify make it super annoying to user.
4. Folder option , the number or Apps in the folder become very less and title eat up most space. Make the original display more then 3~5 apps in a row to only 3 in a row. And become only 9 apps in full screen. This again make it become super annoying. Navigate apps become very difficult and need search , swipe swipe swipe.... no option to change it. contain in the folder is key component not the bubber and title Samsung...🙄
5. Secure folder is same like normal folder. Limited apps is display.... what?? Yup if you gone to use it frequently... finding apps it self is taking me ages 😒😒. Previously just like suddenly u switch to a tiny phone.
6. Dedicated fingerprint for secure folder is still missing. Make the use of secure from one step to more then 4 steps Or more... super annoying.... and less secure due to the same fingerprint is use outside secure folder. What is secure then?
7. Volume control. No description on Volume bar, sometimes confuse on the icon 

1. Display arrangements on lock screen 👍🏻

Other then that non of the improvements worth to mention for me or not important at least for me. 
Feel annoying after update. Can't go back beware before update....
Active Level 3
Galaxy Note
🤣🤣 you might be right.... take time... by time I already switch phone... perhaps same cycle if I stick with new Samsung phone🤣🤣