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What would you like to see in your next Samsung Note phone?

(Topic created on: 09-29-2021 09:35 PM)
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Galaxy Note
Foldable phones are cool and all. However, the note will always be my favourite. Being someone who enjoys hitting down my thoughts in my phone and using the s pen as my magic wand in my daily tasks. Samsung has done wonders with this feature like VR Doodle and the function to be controlled with gestures. The one technology that I feel no other competitor can beat Samsung at. It was just horrible on other brands. However, I hear rumours the Note may not come back, where it comes with a dedicated S pen.

Just to get your thoughts, what other ideas to keep the note series but still keep it innovative? I heard about the flex patent. Sounds promising. But what are your thoughts on features to include in the next note?