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why every years,is same complains about performances,bad battery life in exynos

(Topic created on: 10-12-2020 02:18 AM)
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Galaxy Note
Why exynos version every years usually far away to be best of the best smartphone,and it just be a loser champion compare to superior beast snapdragon version,its usually be the top,great and truely beast no 1 fon. Its the same fon name,same sofware,same battery life,and same price like my note 20 ultra 5g exynos,but not their performance,speed,battery life and camera .Is like im been cheating again,and again,and again every time i buy high end flagship from samsung..So frusted,dissapointed like want to cry, but as a biggest of samsung fans, im try and try buy  smartphone from samsung,because im trusted with the samsung brand, but now my trust for samsung gone,maybe my note 20 ultra 5g is the last i buy from samsung if they not make a fail repeadly every year,and it will break my heart to another next galaxy series.. love&care from your biggest fans ever to samsung,tq 💔