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AI features Pay Wall Subscription, which features? All?

(Topic created on: 01-28-2024 05:55 PM)
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Can Samsung please clarify which AI features will expire in 2025 on the new S24 series? Anything that google provides like image generative fill?

Will different S24 models have more features expiring than the Ultra?

I certainly don't care to pay for such niche limited AI when im already paying for tools like chatgpt, and MS gives Copilot for free. I also hope I don't l see a nagging prompt to subscribe when using the different samsung appsthat has AI, that would be a deal breaker. I'd sooner buy a pixel where these things are free.

 I guess this subscription model will continue to future galaxy series. 
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It's still January 2024, I wouldn't give a second thought about January 2025 right now.

Whatever "trial balloons", Samsung is floating now, may not have any resemblance to what unfolds in 10 months from now.

Yes, it's likely to be a gimmick / sales pitch for now. 

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I agree.  Was keen on the s24 as an upgrade from my s21 but the lack of clarity around a potential AI subscription is enough to give me pause.  


These phones aren't cheap, not buying one only to find am on the hook for Yet Another Subscription fee mid way through its life.  We have enough monthly subs in our house thanks 🙂

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I'm pretty sure I read "end of 2025" somewhere, that would be almost 2 years.