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AOD update

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Galaxy S
So I love puting in images or gifs on my Galaxy S10 or S21 and watch them while the phone is there without being used, is just looks so good with a good Always on display image, I just pay more close attencion to the simetrical of the image, the Image is more to the left than the right and I think it needs a little correction, I recently updated to Android 12 so I dont know if this was just caused by anyone messing with this big update or it has always being like that.
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Hello hackintoit, this is the México Samsung Members Community, if you're in México you'll get more answers to your post if it is done in Spanish.
If you are in another country try to log in into your country's Community to get a proper answer.

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Oiloooooo, bilingüe y todo. 🤯