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app crash on s20 fe 5g

(Topic created on: 07-17-2021 07:22 PM)
Active Level 3
Galaxy S
my social media apps like twiter, tiktok keep crashing when i try to open it
Expert Level 3
Galaxy S
*You can clear app cache and data via swiping up/down > Settings > Apps. Choose an app, choose Storage > Clear cache.

**Simply rebooting the device.Turn your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G off, reboot it and check whether the problem has been solved.If you cannot reboot the device the normal way, you can also force it. To do this, hold down the Bixby and the volume down button simultaneously until the screen goes black.

***If the previous steps haven’t fixed your problem, try doing a factory reset.Note: A factory reset involves deleting all personal data on the device, such as photos and messages. We recommend you create a backup before trying this.
Active Level 6
Galaxy S
Try restart your phone 1st. See if that solve the issue. And also, make sure the apps are updated to the latest version