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(Topic created on: 07-17-2021 03:37 PM)
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Bakit wala makapagsabi how much is original samsung s10 Battery, puro lcd replaxement.....

Safe bah ang class A battery replacement..
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You can inquire about the price of a battery replacement in a service center near you.

Also about your question again about class A batteries, try reading the comments of the other members about your post about battery replacement too. Alot has suggested good comments there, it's just a scroll away from your profile.
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It ain't safe.

Perhaps the reason no one can say how much an s10 battery replacement is, is because:

A. No one has done it before.
B. The price depends on various factors mainly availability and your location.

Why not go to the nearest Samsung Service center yourself to get a general idea of the cost?
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you can actually ask them through chatScreenshot_20210718-063643_Samsung Members_18940.jpg
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based sa previous post mo sabi mo 5k ang battery replacement ng S10🤔
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Hey there, DizzyBone! Price quotes for battery replacement may depend on your location, on parts availability, and labor. For you to get a specific price quote, you'll need to book an appointment to your nearest Service Center via our hotlines: 

MOBILE: #GALAXY [#425299]
(02) 8-422-2177 [Standard Landline]
Available 24/7

LANDLINE: PLDT Toll free : 1-800-10-726-7864
Globe Toll Free : 1-800-8-726-7864
Standard Landline : (02)8-422-2111
Daily (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM)


Also, as with your concern about Class A. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU NOT TO PURCHASE SUCH. Using Class A parts may bring even more damage and cost you even more in the long-run, since Class A parts usually DO NOT HAVE WARRANTIES, and may void existing warranties for newer devices if damaged. Please use only ORIGINAL SAMSUNG PARTS in replacement for your device. Hope this helps!

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