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Bitmoji not changing avatar on aod

(Tema creado el: 02-21-2023 10:45 PM)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy S
Dear Samsung,

I observed that Bitmoji avatars are not changing based on the Activity we perform on mobile. Earlier i used Oneplus device and perfectly the Bitmoji avatars are changing.

Here what Bitmoji avatar i have done the setup same Avatar showing always.

For example: If my mobile is in charging it will show charging symbol with that related Avatar and it will show based on the activity.

I hope this issue will fix in upcoming update
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Community Manager
Galaxy S
Hello, Screege!
You can submit your suggestions via our Bug Reports section in Samsung Members (Samsung Members > Help > Submit Feedback > Bug Reports). In this way, our responsible area will be able to channel your comments to our development team, where your suggestion could be considered.
Please send the details in a bug report, you can attach photos or videos if you consider it necessary.
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