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Bixby ask me to download app

(Topic created on: 09-01-2017 11:28 PM)
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I love Bixby but one thing that I find annoying is how it asks me to download an app that I have already have on my phone. For instance if I say "Bixby open Google Music", it respond by asking me to download the application. Anybody having the same issue? If so have any of you found a work around for this issue yet?
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Google Music and a few other applications are still in Bixby Labs meaning that Bixby isn't fully operational with those applications yet but it is being worked on. The Google Music download issue is one of the bugs that is currently happening to a lot of users right now. Hopefully it's patched in soon!

One thing I haven't tried is to give it an additional command to the open Google Music. If you haven't maybe try "Open Google Music and Play my (Playlist name here) Playlist" or try various such things to make it trigger the application.
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"open google play music" this is the command to open google music. its still being worked on. so for now you have to use exact command to open that app. BTW dont ask for rap music, she'll start rapping herself.
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If you say open music it will open Samsung's native music player
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I ask Bixby to play music and she will launch last song I was playing Google Play music.
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I'm pretty sure it just will open music in whatever music player you used last. If you listened in Google Play Music an hour prior, it will assume you want to continue listening there. The same applies if you listened previously in Samsung Music app. Of course this is all if you don't specify the actual app to open. (currently can't exactly "specify" Google Play Music, because of the bug)
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Can we please stop posting about Bixby asking to download Google Play Music, this has been mentioned in almost every Bixby thread, please read the other post before starting a new thread about the same thing.