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Delayed or repeated notifications

(Tema creado el: 12-02-2023 06:05 PM)
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Galaxy S
Is anyone else getting delayed or repeated Notifications that you already checked or responded? Its been happening to me on the s23 ultra and s23 plus after the ONE UI 6 update, might be a bug?
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Galaxy S
Hello, Jesus!
Please check if you have pending updates, go to Play Store > My apps > Update all apps that require it.
Also go to Galaxy Store > More (the three dots in the upper right corner) > My Page > Update > All (if updates are available).
If the symptom persists, please send a report, it is necessary that the sending be made within the first three minutes after the problem and provide details of the situation.
Please reproduce the error, then go to Samsung Members > Help > Submit review > Error reports > Select Category, Frequency, Comments (we ask you to be very specific), attach a screenshot or video showing the error > Finally It is necessary to select the Send system log data option (without a log file it will not be possible to run the analysis).
Once the area receives the report, we will analyze the information to provide you with a solution.
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