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Egad - First Impressions of my S22 Ultra Red

(Topic created on: 04-01-2022 06:54 AM)
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Well, it's here and all set up the way I like.


The color, eh... would have loved a deep red, but it's okay.

Excuse my case - the ring is for me to hold, the metal plates to hold it in my car, lol I have the Frankenstein look!

Things I noticed going from S21 to S22 Ultra - apart from much bigger screen - heavier! A lot heavier.

But love the screen - love the pen - and I set it up all my way:

Screenshot_20220401-093704_One UI Home.jpg

So, it feels good now.

The experience and pre-ordering it?

Well... Look at all my past threads.

However, kudos to them, someone from the head of customer service department emailed me - don't ask me for the email, I emailed the executives and what not (do a Google search, you'd be surprised) and I brought it to their attention, and then the email happened - but it was a nice smoothing over touch.

Also my "new" experience with that $50 "e-voucher" - it doesn't work.

UPDATE: Got the e-voucher to work - has to $50 plus the order!

Other standouts?

  • Battery - with the "high" stuff on, drains faster
  • Video stabilization at 60fps - dA bOmB!
  • Beautiful screen to stare at... 

Love it so far (the phone). 

SAMSUNG experience, however, not so much.

Galaxy S

Lol - hey, at least they reached out!