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Feature Request - Samsung Calendar, Notes

(Topic created on: 08-30-2023 11:08 PM)
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You know what would make the Sone Ultra models pro? Integration among Samsung first party apps with cloud sync so you can effortlessly move from tablet to phone

Samsung first party apps get theor share of hate for being duplicate of say Google apps, but there are some features and design elements which make them better, but it does seem these elements were half finished

If I want to link a note from Samsung notes to a calendar item, I can only do it with events from the local calendar. Why can't I do this with events from my Samsung Account?

Samsung Notes and printing - if you have ever tried to print a Samsung Note either to a printer or a PDF on the device, the margins are out of whack, no way to adjust margins or scaling to accommodate for Samsung notes that are set to infinite page mode.

Samsung Notes and OneNote - the OneNote app for Android is so far behind the iOS version, Microsoft should be embarrassed there even is a OneNote app for Android. But the "sync" isn't really a sync, it pushes an jmage of the note - terrible experience archiving ypur notes into OneNote. Evernote is the only Android app that can search handwriting in images - OneNote? Yes, on PC, not in the Android app. Back in the day SNote had sync with Evernote - should really being that back as an option.

And while I'm here, who programmed the reminder Edge Panel? No filter can be applied? And it's UI is ugly as all get out, feels like a first time programmer created it for a school project. 

I would gladly use my Samsung account if it handled the underlying synchronization required for Samsung first party apps can be used to their potential
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And if you own a Macbook, you can't use almost anything of those. Even the Mac OneNote cannot show the synced notes from Samsung notes.
You can't even view your images on your Macbook, because file transferring through MTP on Mac OS is not supported and samsung killed its KIESS app, which provides awful experience. 
I've switched from iPhone to S23 Ultra, but I am thinking of reverting back to apple due to bad experience. It's madness that I can't browse my files or sync photos/ notes.