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Fingerprint problems on my S21 Ultra

(Topic created on: 02-23-2024 06:44 PM)
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So, about a month ago, I took off my old screen protector in place for a glass one.
I have scince taken that off and the issue is still present although I know it is a software issue, because:
-I have removed my screen protector 
-I have made sure it is clean 

But, when I boot into safe mode, my phone let's me register my fingerprint, but when I boot normally I instead get the error of "fingerprint sensor is dirty" 
In addition, to the issue I can see the fingerprint reader under the screen witch I feel may allude to the problem but I am not sure.

What I have also done are things like:
-rebooting the phone
-clearing the cache partition 
-diagnostics (both the samsung meber diagnostics and by going to phone>dialer>
*#0*# > sensor > fingerprint > normal scan test and when I do that I get the normal values for the sensor.
-device scan
-touch sensitivity 
-politely asking the sensor to work.

If there is anything that can help my situation, feel free to respond.

It isn't a large issue, but one I do want to fix as to add a new fingerprint I have to boot into safe mode.

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It decided to work all of a sudden. If you experience this, take any screen protector off and wait.]
Also, DO NOT get a hydrogen screen protector. It broke the sensor temporarily in my phone and I do not recommend it at all
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Seeing as how Samsung's Finger Print sensor is an Ultrasonic, Under the Screen sensor, I don't see how it would be possible for anything on the surface to "temporarily" or permanently break the sensor once removed. 

I've always used Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass screen protectors, and never had any issues with the Finger Print sensor. But less expensive, and definitely screen protectors that only use an adhesive along the edges will be problematic. 

A screen protector, like Whitestone's edge to edge liquid adhesive should be much better.