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Galaxy S21 is customized by Caviar, again...

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Caviar is celebrating the Lunar New Year with specially-adorned Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phones. It’s the year of the Ox, which sets the theme for one design that can’t be contained in two dimensions. The other versions have (in Caviar’s own words) a more “restrained design”.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra Gold Ox has a three dimensional bas-relief of an ox head mounted on the back. A 24 carat gold ring runs through its nose and it can pivot freely (so you can use it as the world’s most expensive phone grip). As if that wasn’t enough, two natural diamonds are embedded in the eyes of the ox (3mm in diameter, 3-3 clarity).

Only 21 units will be made of this version, each of them costing just over $20,000.

As for the more restrained versions, the Golden Line has a gold-plated back with a delicate engraving to create an eye-catching texture.

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