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Galaxy S21 video teardown takes a peek at its insides

(Topic created on: 01-31-2021 10:12 PM)
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Following up his durability test that revealed a weird double screen protector, YouTuber Zach from JerryRigEverything has taken a deep dive... inside the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

If you were wondering what lies beneath all that glass, here's your chance to find out without destroying your own unit. It is quite expensive after all, so definitely don't try this at home.

As you can see, the battery glue is still to the usual Samsung level of "apocalypse proof", while the camera modules are, well, huge, and three of four have OIS too. The vibration motor is at the top, which isn't a usual position for such a part, and the earpiece speaker is actually not very close to the earpiece slit. The things one learns by just opening up a device and peeking inside!

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