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(Topic created on: 05-26-2024 03:18 PM)
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Galaxy S
Repair prices for Samsung in Singapore surprised me. In my case, with my Samsung Galaxy S21, purchased two years ago and now out of warranty, I encountered a green line issue after updating to the new version of OneUI. I went to the Samsung Service Centre at Singapore, and the service centre quoted me SGD260++ for a new screen, which I found shocking, so I decided not to proceed with the repair.

After visiting the service centre, I called the customer service hotline to double-check the price. The lady who answered advised me to return to the service centre. Upon researching online, I discovered many Samsung users facing the same green line issue after updates, possibly due to the update causing hardware overheating and screen damage.

My brother's Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, bought in Malaysia, also had the green line issue. However, Samsung Malaysia fixed it free of charge, even out of warranty. The staff explained that many users faced this issue post-update, leading Samsung to address it at no cost. I am disappointed that Singapore Samsung did not adopt a similar approach and instead suggested a costly screen replacement of SGD260++. This high cost makes me feel that Samsung is not a user-friendly brand in Singapore.
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Galaxy S
My S21 also has these green and pink lines after the update. I was advised to visit the service center when I called their customer service hot line. End up, the service center quoted me $260 for a new screen and said the repair will take about 2 to 3 weeks. I dropped the idea of repairing it because I feel it is wronged for us to pay for such things when they are the cause of this issue. They should repair it for free. Now, people don't even dare to install software update on their Samsung phones.
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Galaxy S

I had my first green line when i updated the software earlier this year. Got 2 more green and pink line this morning after an overnight update yesterday. 

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Galaxy S
My S21 ultra also has a green like recently after a stupid update... not fair to ask customers to pay for screen replacement after your *** update. I am not going to buy another Samsung phone... its a disappointment 😞 ..looks like they do not value loyal customers who has been using Samsung for so many years...there are so many other Android phones out there, Onenothing, Google, One plus, oppo, Honor and etc
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Galaxy S
I went to Samsung sg, quoted me 400+ last month for s21 ultra green line issue