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Heat dissipation test?

(Topic created on: 05-25-2024 11:37 AM)
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Galaxy S
Is there a way to know if the device's heat dissipation system is working properly? I feel like my S24U is always warm, even if I'm not using it, and then, it quickly heats up when I use the camera or play games. It never feels cool. Battery also drains pretty quickly compared to other users. Some people claim that they never feel their phone warm or hot even if they use it extensively. 


Another rant post!
Frankly, I don't trust these diagnostic tests. I think it doesn't test the device enough to detect defects. 
Probably because Samsung knows about how bad their quality control is and how inconsistent their products are but refuses to do anything about it.

One example that I just really hate about it is the camera test.

* takes picture *
"A picture was taken from the camera"
"Is the quality of the picture good?"
* Yes or No *

Frankly, the camera is subpar also.

* mic & speaker test *
"Is the quality of the sound good?"
* Yes or No *

What if I say no because I don't find the quality good enough, but it's the best this phone can ever emit? 

Just needed to let some of these thoughts out. This phone isn't worth the full price and I've been regretting getting it these past few weeks. I still remember the horrendous experience I've had with S*msung's customer service 2 months ago. 
I'd be so happy if I could somehow still return it or re-sell without losing much.

Anyway, since I'm gonna be stuck with this phone for a while, I just want to know at least if it's working as it's supposed to be. I feel so deceived by the advertisements about its battery. 30 hours of watching videos? Can't even have more than 6 hours SoT nowadays.

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Galaxy S
If the phone gets hot by touch heat dissipation works. The system conducts heat away from the core and into the frame. It should also throttle down the SOC when hot. If you feel it's too hot all the time. Bring it in to the service center. Or have it collected fron you. I can game COD an hiur straight of I have the time but that'll bring the batt down 30% at least with my settings at the highest possible
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Galaxy S
Ohh look at this. I literally just used the camera for like 15 minutes and took about 51 photos. RDT_20240601_0215544199079878386133117_1000035034_1717179354.jpg