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IMEI not recognized

(Topic created on: 05-18-2023 11:44 PM)
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Hey! I bought my Galaxy S21 Ultra on Amazon from the Samsung store, and I've tried to get the discount for the exchange of my phone to buy a new one, but it always says that my IMEI is not recognized.

Anyone knows why and how to fix this please? 🙏
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If you're in Canada & you purchased a phone from Amazon, it's quite likely that you didn't purchase a Canadian device. Amazon often sells US & International phones on their Canadian site. 

This would explain why the IMEI is not recognised by Samsung Canada. 

It's either that or, the phone has a "Blacklisted" IMEI which would mean that the device was either stolen, or Blacklisted for non payment.

It's more likely to be a non Canadian device though from Amazon Canada.