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InFamous 6.1 update feat S23 ultra

(Topic created on: 04-29-2024 03:52 PM)
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Well where to began with, I was so excited for 6.1 update for my S23 ultra that I was keep on checking up software update section every 4 hours 😅 and now when I got the update I regret why did I even updated my phone's software. 
Although this update did came up with new features but also with lots of bugs. 
1. Game like BGMI now hangs if a call came up while playing the game weather it's a phone call or WhatsApp call. I have to close all the apps and restart the game to fix the issue.
2. Battery life running out of the phone like my money runs out of bank account. Before this update I never use to charge my phone 3 or 4 times a day now it's crazy . Every 4th hour I am charging my phone.
3. It's overheating like summer in New Delhi. Those who don't know the reference just google peak temperature in New Delhi during summer. I had to put ice to cool down my phone. 
I mean Samsung Canada why give a update if it's gonna irritate the user.

Hope these issue resolve soon 🥲
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I did the wipe cache but didn't factory reset yet, i will give it a try thanks!
I'll try for the gesture too, yes i'm using the navigation gesture instead of gesture hints