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[INFO] Galaxy Gifts: Galaxy S21+ 5G

(Topic created on: 12-07-2021 03:00 PM)
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Start the year right with the gift of Galaxy. Check out the Galaxy S21+ 5G this holiday at :Here 

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I like the s21+ , larger screen from s21 with flat display but the thing is it not capable of WQHD and 120HZ like S21 ultra. Samsung have the best display for mobile device but the curve look like not doing much advantage. I've been using Note 8 and now currently use S20+. Both are curve display and feels quite difficult to find screen protector. Other than that, I think it is better with flat display because it give us wider view of the screen. Looking foward to upgrade my device to s21+ but with 1080p its not an upgrade for me because with s20+ i keep the display at WQHD instead of 120hz 1080p. Hopefully samsung will have flagship device with large and flat display with WQHD on the mid segment of the flagship.