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Samsung confirmed in January this year that its “next flagship product” will feature the custom mobile GPU that it has been working on with AMD. We now know that it won’t be the Galaxy Note 21. Samsung has already announced that there won’t be a new Galaxy Note this year.

Many believed that it might be the Galaxy Z Fold 3 that introduces us to this new GPU. That’s looking unlikely as well. A new report claims that Samsung was set to reveal its custom AMD GPU in June. However, the company has decided to push the launch forward by one month.

Samsung could finally lift the curtain on its custom AMD GPU

Habitual leakster @UniverseIce is out with a new claim today. The Samsung AMD custom GPU was reportedly due to be unveiled in June. However, the launch has now been postponed to July, according to the leakster. It’s claimed that Samsung will reveal details about the performance of this AMD GPU on Exynos in addition to other details about the chips next month.


There’s no hard evidence to back up this claim so we’ll just have to take it at face value. It’s not too far-fetched, after all. We know that Samsung and AMD have been working on a GPU. Samsung has itself hinted that the launch will be tied to one of its upcoming flagship products. So it’s quite clear that it’s just a matter of time before this Samsung AMD custom GPU is unveiled.

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su actually shed more light on the launch recently. Dr. Su confirmed that the next Samsung Exynos processor is going to feature this new GPU. A completely brand new Exynos chip may not be formally launched until the end of this year. The Galaxy S22 series will likely be the first mobile devices to get it.

This means that we may have to wait until early 2022 to get our hands on this GPU. Until then, some official details on the chip would be nice, even if it only tests our patience.