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Late security updates for galaxy s10/plus!

(Topic created on: 06-07-2021 04:32 PM)
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My galaxy S10 has April 1st, 2021 security patch update. Today on June 7th, 2021! A year ago the gab between the updates was shorter than this year. I understand that they have S20 and S21 that have higher priority than the older S10, but I think all that tactic to make us upgrade to the latest models sooner. Does anyone agree with me on that? 

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I have a S10 and do not agree with you on that
There has been pretty regular updates - basicly 1 every month all along since they came out.
It is late this month but Telus had it scheduled for June 1st but later showed it as delayed so there must have been a problem with the update which is now scheduled for June 15th