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Long-hold Nav Bar for Pop-up View?

(Topic created on: 10-15-2022 06:50 PM)
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Hello, Samsung! 

Could you allow customizing long-hold actions on the Navigation bar buttons? 

I love having the ability to use the Recent Apps button to "Open in pop-up view", especially to continue watching a video while browsing the net. However, the process to enable it would be much faster and easier if I could just long-hold the Recent button (especially since I don't use any of the other 4 functions in the Recent menu at the top of each app, just Pop-up view). 

Other people might have other routine actions they'd like to set for Navigation bar long-holds, like opening the calculator, or browser, or whatever. 

Being able to set those buttons for whatever action or routine you follow would be REALLY handy, and appreciated. 

Thank you! 

Mike in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Hi, thanks for your Feedback. We really appreciate it.
We will pass it on to our team so they can review before we release any new updates.
Hopefully, the feature that you're expecting might be add
ed in a future update.