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Need to Raise Concern for Display Quality of S24 Ultra

(Topic created on: 02-04-2024 07:37 PM)
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Hi we need to raise concerns regarding Vivid mode in S24 Ultra also the Camera images are dull than S23 Ultra, I talked to Samsung Canada about this issuse and they replied saying that this was done Intentionally for colour accuracy ! 
I completely don't understand how can they charge $100 extra on a device which is less capable and dull than its predecessor S23 Ultra . 
Seems like Samsung don't want to acknowledge their mistake. 
If they want to keep the display natural there is a mode for it, let other users use the vivid mode as per their prefrence.
It is my request to all community members to raise this issue to Samsung so they actually do something about it.
Thank you.
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Agreed. They should give us the choice to pick from 2 different saturation options like in the past. Right now they are not different at all.
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Totally agree!!! You don't sell high end OLED TVs without being able to adjust color preference. It's not Samsung s choice to make, we are the ones paying $1300.00 American for the phone.
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Apparently, Samsung doesn't think that there's any issues with the Display on the S24 series. 

Now it's being reported that there is no "fix" coming, depending on where you look.. 

Not exactly a confidence builder.. when there isn't a consistent response from Samsung. 









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They should make a third mode called not color accurate and let us select it then. This color accurate thing is not flying. Like iceuniverse said, the default color profile should be the color accurate profile and vivid is, well vivid with more saturation than normal. Also strange that I didn't see any reviewers mention the difference in color change of the screens on youtube.

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Hi, Galaxy S24 series has undergone color and brightness adjustments for a more accurate and comfortable viewing experience.

The changes in display technology aim to provide a more natural visual experience, and any differences in color depth are intentional.

Your feedback is valued, and Samsung is committed to improving software based on market and consumer interests.

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Hey, Samsung is really into AI these days. If you ask them about the lack of vibrant colors, they'll say it's because they went for more nits.

The colors are a problem, but not as big of a deal as the lagging and stuttering when you're gaming with a video in a pop-up window.
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They should have given choice for user to decide if they want more colors. It looks like bug has been promoted as a feature