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Hello Samsung,

since the One UI 4 Update of my Galaxy S21 Ultra in November, the battery drain is unbareable.

Of course i did the necessary steps as wiping the cache partition, checking the apps, checking the system settings etc.

Device and app preferences are equal to before the update - but when my S21 Ultra needed around 5% in total IDLE for 24 hours with One UI 3, it went up 8% and more now with ONE UI 4 doing exactly nothing. This is just an illustrative example.

It is clear that the reason for this is OS background activity causing a raise of 60%+ compared to ONE UI 3. Many other user comments concur.

I was like "lets wait and give them the time to fix it" - but 2 monthly updates later, this mayor issue still is not fixed.

When will this be fixed? It feels very much like a One UI 4 DOWNGRADE.




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I have to agree. I'm having the same issues. The phone wasn't great in terms of holding a charge prior to the update, but it now seems significantly worse, to the extent that I was a new phone if this isn't going to be addressed. Anyone else with a similar experience?