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OneUI 4.0 Update hasn't arrived

(Tema creado el: 11-23-2021 10:01 PM)
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Galaxy S
Hi! I Have the S21 Ultra (Snapdragon) and I have been waiting for the One UI 4 Update, specially since Android 12 Update brings the CameraX API finally, which should increase encoding quality on apps like Instagram.

However, I know the updates started rolling out on November 15, but mine still has not arrived, and it's almost November 24. Do you have any idea when will the OTA update will be released?

I appreciate any help.
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Galaxy S
Hello DanielMDAx, this is the Samsung Members México Community, is not required to write your posts in English.

Hay algunos Members que reportan que ya les llegó la actualización a su Galaxy S21 Snapdragon, y las actualizaciones apenas empiezan a llegar para algunos carriers, te recomiendo tener paciencia, ya que no hay fechas exactas de cuando se liberan las actualizaciones.