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Pre order offers

(Topic created on: 11-08-2022 02:48 AM)
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Hi, how good are Samsung pre order offers when new S series line ups are launched. I'm planning to trade in my s22 with s23 ultra next year. 
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I would advise you to NOT do any trade ins and just go sell it yourself on kijiji or Facebook market.

You'll save yourself the headache of unresponsive samsung and/or them changing the trade in value at the end. Plus, You'll always get more money by selling it yourself.

As for pre-orders, samsung has a pattern lately of offering double the storage for free (ex: pay the price of 128gb for a 256gb), free 1 year samsung care or 50% off 2 years and sometimes, a discount or cash voucher for some accessories like buds or watch or something.
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If only Canada, had the same Pre-Order promotions as they have in the US!


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I agree, with exchange rate on our currency  coupled with the difference in promotional offers we are getting short-changed at the pump!

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I could not agree more. I get emails several times a week from samsung.com regarding different offers and absolutely nothing from the Canadian site even though I bought the S22 Ultra and S8 Ultra from the Canadian site. I have tried to buy from the US site but they will not ship to Canada. As far as I am concerned the Canadian offers and promotions are a waste of electrons.

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I had the same idea but my customer tell me something that i think is true. He said that between 2 generation of cellphones (the S 22 series and S 23 series) u will never have an important deferences. The only think I can say is if u realy want change your phone because you have some issues. For me i will just want want the S 24 or if i really need to change my phone i will take the S 22