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Quality disappointment in s23 Ultra

(Topic created on: 06-08-2023 07:55 PM)
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I have been a Samsung user since 2016, specifically the Galaxy series. I have gone from an S6 to my most recent phone the 23 Ultra. 
I have never broken a phone, always secured them in a case and just overall enjoyed my phones. At the end of my contracts I've either sold them or given them back to the provider. 
I recently (less than 2 weeks ago) returned my mint 21 ultra and upgraded to the 23. 
I had the phone for 5 WHOLE DAYS, when it tipped over and fell less than 1 foot onto GRASS - and put a hairline Crack in the screen. I was with a group of friends who were all shocked. 
I returned to the provider store the same day to show I had just returned a mint phone and in the OTTERBOX CASE they sold me, a 5 day old phone had already cracked. They would not do anything except quote me $600 to repair the screen. 
I understand the implications, what could be my fault etc but this is so disappointing. 
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Yeah I feel bad for you! 

I've seen a couple of people that actually threw their phones, one into pavement and hardly a scratch. 

BUT, with just the right point of impact, even what should be fine, I've seen people who had the screen crack. 

If you have insurance from your Carrier, credit card or something, you may be in luck 🤞🏻 

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My first thought is to do a high magnification of the crack to determine exactly where the origin started.
One of my hobbies for the last several decades has been stained glass and it's highly unlikely that no matter how many blades of grass were there upon impact.
Either the phone had already been damaged before you got it or the Otter case may have contributed to the damage.
Look very closely.