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Replacement unit S24 Ultra delay

(Topic created on: 02-08-2024 04:36 PM)
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Galaxy S
I pre ordered the S24 Ultra through Abenson last Jan. 19. It was the claiming day for the unit which is on Feb 7 but unfortunately, I found a little dust inside the camera lens which I didn't like since I'm worried that in the future it might affect the camera quality so I didn't get the unit and opted for a new one instead but unfortunately they don't have any stocks in hand because they said that the unit was in demand. So now I have to wait for God knows when the stocks will arrive. Just disappointed that they didn't have at least 1 extra spare unit in case things like this happened. By the way, they only had 3 pre order units and nothing more.
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my experience was the opposite though. i ordered online through abensons website feb 2. got my unit feb 4. was shocked at how fast it was. but i was also in contact with their sales rep via messenger. that might have sped up the process. so far my unit is in perfect condition. except the fact that the camera software needs urgent updating.
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Galaxy S

I'm still waiting for mine. I ordered Jan 31. Pick-up at SM Aura on Feb 14. Until now Feb 20, still no update. They don't even have the decency to reply to my messages. I am so frustrated. I even told them I'd be flying out of the country soon. But they don't care. I'm already at my wit's end. This is stressing me out.