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S21 Fe green line issue: Unacceptable Service Experience at Samsung Service Center

(Topic created on: 06-01-2024 01:51 AM)
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Dear Samsung Community,

I am writing to share my recent distressing encounter at the Samsung Service Center concerning my Samsung S21 FE. Last week, I encountered a troublesome green line display issue, prompting me to seek assistance from authorized professionals. Regrettably, the experience that followed fell far short of expectations.

Despite undergoing a thorough quality check, which conclusively demonstrated that the fault did not originate from my end, the service center staff adamantly refused to provide complimentary service. Their insistence on charging for repairs, despite evidence to the contrary, is unacceptable.

I wish to emphasize that I have diligently adhered to all guidelines and usage recommendations provided by Samsung. Yet, I find myself facing unwarranted expenses due to a manufacturing flaw beyond my control.

In light of this ordeal and the lack of cooperation from Samsung's service center, I have no choice but to escalate this matter further. I am attaching the documented proofs of the quality check conducted, affirming the absence of any user-induced faults.

Furthermore, I must inform the authorities that I am pursuing legal action through the consumer court. Engaging in further discussions with customer care or their supervisors seems futile given their unwillingness to acknowledge the evident fault and provide appropriate resolution.

I urge all consumers to remain vigilant and assertive in protecting their rights, particularly when faced with unjust treatment from service providers.

Samsung, It's ur responsiblity to keep the trust of your customers!!!

Thank you for your attention and support.

Yours' Sincerely,

Sree Lakshmi 




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Consumer court will be an inconvenience to Samsung since some of their staff will have to attend. Let us know the outcome so we have a precedent to follow if the same fate befalls us.
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Please update us 🙏 I have the same model as yours
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I just charging the phone only ,my S21FE getting one more green line issue 😑