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S21 pin lock removal not working

(Topic created on: 02-16-2023 07:54 AM)
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I have to remove my PIN lock feature before I send my S21 back in for upgrade.
I've gone into the menu for screen lock, and as you see above the "swipe" option is not clickable.


I've done a device restart, no change.

I've entered that menu from swiping up and clicking the settings icon as well as swiping down to get to same menu a different way with no result.


phone and chat support kicked me out as they are overloaded.

please help.

thanks much

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This sometimes happens when you have admin app which requires certain characteristics in password. Again i am not sure.

but what you can try
go to settings > security and privacy > other security settings > Device admin apps > disable/uninstall apps and see if you can remove lock.

also make sure you remove all of your accounts from device before factory reset to remove FRP lock.
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You have to remove PIN lock first, then Swipe option will available.