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S21 Ultra Dual whatsapp version DOES NOT WORK!

(Topic created on: 11-02-2021 09:31 AM)
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Updates as of 4th Nov 2021

Samsung recommended this solution that worked

  1. setup the secure folder, it will appear in the home screen 
  2. sign in to your play store and make sure you use the same account that you back up your dual whatsapp account with
  3. install WhatsApp by clicking the + button and sign in, get it verified 
  4. Restore your backup successfully from the Google drive
  5. Go ahead and select "lock automatically when phone restarts" under settings if you do not want to key in pin every time you want to access whatsapp through the secure folder

cons: since it is a secure folder, it couldn't access to your image gallery, if you want to send any photos, got to do it from gallery, share through the secure folder icon 

receiving photos shouldn't be a problem now 

For those folks who still pin hope on dual what's app to be able to use on S21 Ultra, their customer service claimed to wait for the next patch update which is unknown when it would be out. maybe we need to wait until 2022? 😛


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Hi Samsung,

Its a big disappointment that an old S8+ with the same version of Dual Whatsapp ( worked seamlessly

No problem at all with sending and receiving photos, or restoring data even from local or google backup

Having us to pay such a hefty price for this top notch phone, you could not even provide an immediate solution to dual whatsapp on S21 Ultra, saw some of your diplomatic replied that a solution would be released soon, How soon is soon? end of next year 2022?

How about you include this flaw when advertising for S21 Ultra, so user will be not be choosing this model if they are user of dual function?


Annoyed new S21Ultra user


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What's downloaded pictures couldn't move to secure folder
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Whatsapp downloaded pictures couldn't move to secure folder