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S21 Ultra Superfast charging not working

(Topic created on: 03-10-2023 03:02 PM)
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Hi all, looking at getting a bit of insight into my issue. I have both the samsung and 3rd party super fast chargers. They have all worked flawlessly since I bought the phone.
My issue started when the phone charging detected moisture. Once that issue settled I have not been able to get superfast charging to work. All my cables are the appropriate USB cables to support the high charging levels. I have checked my battery charging settings and toggled them off and then back on. I have cleared the cache. I have put the phone into Safe mode.

My cables and chargers are only charging at normal speed.

I am using my wireless charger to get fast charging.

The charging behaviour changed for me after the Version 13 update. I started to note that only 1 side of the usb C cable tip was able to charge. When rotating the tip (same cable end), I could not get a charge.

Charging port is clean and clear.

I have read a number of postings where other phone users have experienced a very similar behavior.

My wife also has an S21 Ultra and we did not update her phone. All of the super chargers work perfectly.

Again, just looking for some insight.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Pupusik, we appreciate your efforts in performing all the necessary troubleshooting steps.

Unfortunately, as the issue still persists kindly get it examined by the service technician to know the root cause of the problem to get it fixed.