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S21U Camera Violent Shaking, Unusable post-odd update

(Topic created on: 06-18-2022 03:03 PM)
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Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra Canada Telus edition.

Yesterday, I rebooted my phone for the first time in a week and it gave me the "optimizing apps" screen for 10 seconds even though I didn't receive any new updates. It has never done that before. Needless to say, I have an issue that wasn't there two days ago. The front facing camera shakes so much, it's unusable. Selfie cam is fine. Downloading other cameras gives same issue. When I mean shaking, I mean:

Trees video was done from inside, I thought it was locked onto things that were shaking until I tried it by pointing it at stuff that was holding still.


As you can see, with or without steady cam on it shakes violently and with steady cam on it goes so dark, it's unusable. Any guesses how to fix as you cannot revert the camera and it affects all cameras?


In Canada on Telus using

Build SP1A.210812.016.G998WVLU5CVDC

Android security patch May 1, 2022 (which makes for the apps optimizing to be unusual)

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You'll always see "optimizing apps" after an update, or occasionally after Reboot, it's normal.

As for the shaking, Switch to green tea instead of coffee lol, sorry I couldn't resist.

But seriously now there's a few things that you can try.

Boot into Recovery & Wipe Cache.

Open the Camera & it's Settings & Reset the Camera Settings.

Go to Settings > Apps go the Camera & Scroll down it's Storage & Clear BOTH Cache & Data.

Reboot after the last 2 suggestions.

Hopefully one of these will fix the issue for you 🤞

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As suggested by RedDogRabbit, please perform camera reset and then wipe cache partition, keep us posted.
1.Reset the Camera app.
    Open the Camera app, and then tap Settings.
    Swipe to and tap Reset settings, and then tap Reset.
2.Wipe Cache partition steps
    1: Turn off the phone.
    2: Press and hold the Volume Up key and the Side/Power key.
    3: When the Samsung Galaxy logo appears, release both the Volume Up key and Side/Power key. You will see the ‘Installing system update’ message appearing briefly before the Android Recovery menu options shows up.
 4: Press the Volume down key several times to highlight Wipe cache partition option.
 5: Once the wipe cache partition option is highlighted, press the Side/Power key to select.
 6: Press the Volume down key to highlight Yes, then press the Side/Power key to select.
 7: When the process is complete, Reboot system now is highlighted.
 8: Press the Side/Power key to restart the phone.