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S22 After About 3 Months of Use

(Topic created on: 08-23-2022 09:15 PM)
Galaxy S
Having used the S22 for about 3 months now, here is my layman, fast and furious, no-BS review from an average Joe user like myself.

Model: S22 256GB Green
Display Size: 6.1 inches
Display Type: AMOLED, Adaptive 120 Hz (24-120 Hz)
Weight: 167 grams
Cameras: 50MP Wide, 12MP Ultrawide, 10MP 3x Telephoto, 10MP selfie
Battery: 3,700 mAh
Charging: 25W wired, 15W wireless, 4.5W reverse
Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

S22 with a clear case

- Extremely comfortable in the hand
- Eye-catching design and colour
- Ease of slipping in and out of the pocket
- Display is oh-so smooth with 120 Hz adaptive refresh rate
- Display colours are just so vibrant and contrasty
- General use feels fast and snappy
- Photos and videos taken by the cameras are GREAT for such a compact phone, and for the average user (you basically get the same cameras setup as the more expensive S22+)
- Mind-blowing 30x zoom (moonshots are possible and CLEAR)

Moonshot on the S22. 30x Space Zoom.

Food photos made easy with the S22

Smooth videos on the S22 with 4K 60FPS.

- Battery life is pretty meh (some apps like Shopee really drains the battery)
- Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 tends to run quite hot
- Having a more crack-resistant glass means that it is more susceptible to micro scratches (hardness and toughness are inversely related, i.e. the more crack-resistant the glass is, the more easily scratched it is). A screen protector solves this con.

- Amazing 'little' phone that is an almost-perfect all-rounder that does almost everything you need without poking you while in your pocket, or requiring you to do hand-gymnastics to reach around the screen
- Bring a charger/powerbank if you are going out for a full-day

Who the S22 is for
- Almost everyone, especially for people who prefer smaller phones

Who the S22 is NOT for
- People who have battery-anxiety

The views articulated are my personal subjective opinions on the S22 through my personal use for about 3 months. Your opinion may be different, and you may agree or disagree with my points. THAT IS OK. Just remember to be respectful and polite when sharing your thoughts! Cheers!😁

* Some information on specs were taken from GSMARENA

Galaxy S
Thank you!