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S22ultra Vs Fold4

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Hi samsung members. I'm looking for your opinion. In September I'll be ready to upgrade my Note20 Ultra. I'm not sure what to do. Going with S22ultra or move to the new Fold 4. I'm loving the Note style with the S22ultra but love also the bigger screen with Fold series. What do you think about both phone? 
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If you've been on Samsung Members for a while, you should have seen the issues with the screen protector on the Flip / Fold series.

It may be fixed in the next version, but personally I would avoid it like the plague, at least until it's proven itself to be problem free. 

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I personally use S22U right now. I choose S22U because of few things that I don't like on Fold3. You can use it as reference.

- It support SPen, but SPen only can be used when folded screen opened. SPen cannot use on front folded screen. Incovenience to me.

- Camera still not the same as Note series

- After folded, I don't like the gap in between ← my personal preference

- No built-in SPen. I don't like to carry external pen ☹️

- Like @RedDogRabbit said. The folded screen protector may peel off. Some users posted the photos shows the problem. I still have no confidence on this yet.

Although S22U don't have big surprise from Note20U. But at least all in one device and with better camera. Note20U camera seems to have focus problem sonetimes, but S22U has no issue so far.
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It all depends on your preference and what is more important to you.

Foldables are still solid devices contrary to other's beliefs. I've used all the fold generations from the 1st one to the fold 3.

Here's my take:

1 - S pen: I don't personally care for it. I have the S22 Ultra and I never use it. Except to take family pics and I use it as a remote shutter control. But if you have a watch, it does the same. But if you take a lot of notes and draw a lot, it may be important to you. The real advantage here is that with the S22 Ultra, it's embedded in the phone vs on the fold, you'll need to carry it separately. If you want Bluetooth functions, there's the S pen pro you can use with the fold but that'll set you back around 100$ to buy one. We also don't know yet if you'll be able to use the S pen on the outer screen of the Fold 4. Hopefully, we'll be able to.

2 - Cameras: The main cameras on all devices nowadays are solid. But if you want the best of the best with more versatility, S22 Ultra is the way to go. Especially with zoom. But the advantage with a fold is being able to use the back cameras as a selfie camera if you want to go that route. You can open the phone and turn on the front screen as a viewfinder and flip over the phone to take pics or videos.

3 - battery life: the battery on the fold 3 wasn't amazing. If battery life is more important to you, go for the S22 Ultra. Remember that with a foldable, since it has a bigger screen it needs to power up, it'll drain it quicker.

4 - durability: of course a normal slab is gonna be more durable since there's no moving parts and no soft screen. But that doesn't mean that foldables aren't solid. Yeah, some people manifested the screen protector peeling off but I don't get what's the big fuss, it's a screen protector. Samsung offers a free replacement for it anyways. And it is not recommended, but on both my fold 2 and 3, when they started to peel off, I removed them myself and installed a third party protector. Never had any issues.

5 - daily use: just remember that most apps nowadays are optimized to be used in a 16:9 ratio. So normal slabs will be better optimized. On a fold, the inner screen is square so even if it makes things a bit bigger, you'll lose some parts of whatever you are viewing because of the ratio. For sure, you can set some apps to open 16:9 instead of full screen on the fold, but you'll end up having blurred out bars or blacked out bars on each side.

That's just the sum of my take. Personally, I'm waiting for the fold 4 and I'll probably get it because I miss using a foldable. Once you've used one, it's hard to go back to a normal slab, lol. It gets boring fast.

But again, both are/will be solid devices. It all depends on your preferences.
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Hi, we would like to inform you that Samsung galaxy Z Fold4 is not launched right now. As we know that Samsung always comes up with the latest features and updates with the latest device launches. So I would like to suggest you wait for sometime. However, if you r'e planning to upgrade to new Galaxy S22 Ultra it is definitely a good choice. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the first Galaxy S with built-in S Pen with the power of Note. This is one tough Galaxy Phone protects like a suit of armour. From the interior structure to the polished exterior sides, each Galaxy S22 Ultra is supported by a super-strong Armour Aluminum frame.
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