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Hi guys,

Im s23 ultra user. I notice that, each time i charge my s23 ultra it become hotter at the back. It is normal for this phone?. Thought that this phone will not get hot when charging
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It's recommended to use original USB charger and good quality cable to charge the phone. If you're using 3rd party charger, try use 2.4A for charging. Some charger with higher watt may cause heat or even degrade your battery life span.

FYI, I use Samsung 65W adapter for super fast charging my S23U, without any issue.

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Hi @abemat05,


Here are a couple of tips you can try:

1. Fast charging is almost always hotter than normal (however this will not adversely affect your device so long as you use original accessories / certified manufacturers - reason being the amount of time the charger pushes peak wattage is actually very short);

2. Some cases trap heat within the device - especially thicker ones that have shock absorbtion properties (usually made of TPU/rubber material acting as an insulator);

3. Disable fast charging in your phone - probably the best option but charging will be quite slow, and defeats the purpose of investing in fast-charging accessories.


Hope this helps!