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[S23 Ultra Product Review] by Samsung Member @Nazzzz

(Topic created on: 02-09-2023 11:20 PM)
Galaxy S

Curious about the new Galaxy S23 Ultra? Here’s what TeamGalaxyBianx_2-1676011349491.png Samsung Members Stars TeamGalaxyBianx_2-1676011349491.png from Malaysia @Nazzzz think of it! 😉


Less is more, more is EPIC!

It was a golden invitation from Samsung for being selected to attend the Galaxy Experience Space in Singapore when I was further excited by the news that we had the opportunity to be handed the loan unit in order to produce the shots throughout the program. I adore this device so much, and now seems like the ideal moment and place to write an article about how EPIC the Galaxy S23 Ultra is. 

TeamGalaxyBianx_1-1676011349252.pngDesign and Specs TeamGalaxyBianx_2-1676011349491.png


At a glance, you may find that the design on the Galaxy S23 Ultra is just like its predecessor, but a closer look would reveal some excellent refinement on some angles of the device which make your upgrade from the Galaxy S22 Ultra still relevant and sweet.
To begin with, the Aluminum frame on the side has been designed to be wider which correlates to the less curvature on the sides of the screen. This redesign will give lesser to zero unintentional screen touches on the side of the screen when you are using the device. Plus, the wider Aluminum frame reduces the likelihood that the screen will break if it falls on its side. So, Samsung get you even more covered on this.


Armor Aluminium frame

Despite weighing 234g, a few grams more than its predecessor, I had no complaints when I used it during the program; it felt comfortable in my hands. Not to mention, the expected random rainy times didn’t stop us to keep recording the Unpacked Party moments thanks to its IP68 water resistant capability.
I was first concerned knowing full well that the loan unit did not come with any protective cases. It didn’t take long for me to feel confident for carrying the device without any case on when I realized that it incorporates an Armor Aluminum frame with improved drop and scratch resistance. 
On the camera department, the existing design is still maintained, though I noticed that the lens glass diameter found to be larger and refined much more nicely.
During the Unpacked Party, we walked a lot between venues, and thanks to the 1750 nits peak brightness, the 6.8” Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen is bright enough to be viewed clearly in direct sunlight.
With the availability of 4 colour options (Graphite, Sky Blue, Lime, Red), your Galaxy S23 Ultra is going to be super awesome as your next mobile devices.


TeamGalaxyBianx_4-1676011564607.pngSystem and Processors TeamGalaxyBianx_4-1676011564607.png

The device's brain is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and packed with a hugeee5000mAh battery capacity, and you should expect long hour top-notch performance throughout your day. Experiencing any flaws in the device was none as there aren't any glitches or even stutters when I use the device during the program. Given that I used this phone to its fullest during the hectic two days of the Unpacked Party, I can say that the Galaxy S23 Ultra nailed it.
The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip offers hardware-accelerated ray tracing, which elevates the gaming visual performance on a whole new level. I had a few matches of Asphalt 9 game played in the Galaxy Experience Space and this proves what’s on paper.


TeamGalaxyBianx_5-1676011565046.pngCamera TeamGalaxyBianx_5-1676011565046.png


A whopping200MP main camera takes photography on a new level. The camera is so EPIC I need to discuss them more !
  • Nightography
We visited Singapore's attractions at night to admire the city lights, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra intensified the excitement. To sound more technical, the200MP technology doesn't essentially come into play only when you choose the 200MP mode, instead, the adaptive sensor performs its function by combining 16 pixels into a single pixel, resulting in more detailed, sharper, and brighter shots, especially in the areas where the light is so unwilling to shine through.



Night mode

Not only has the Night mode been enhanced, but you can now use the Portrait mode in the Night mode as well!



Portrait Night mode selfie camera
  • Selfie camera
Say goodbye to the excessively detailed selfie camera that revealed out your skin's pores and textures. Selfies captured with the Galaxy S23 Ultra will render your face a more realistic appearance with true-to-life color tones.

  • Expert RAW
It’s a great news for photography enthusiasts. The presence of Expert RAW will give you a big freedom to make a custom settings on your camera control to produce EPIC shots.
  • Zoom capability
The images say it all. Fantastic.







TeamGalaxyBianx_4-1676011564607.pngSummary TeamGalaxyBianx_4-1676011564607.png
The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the clear proof that having a major change in design language and specs aren’t always necessary to make it stands out from the rest. I am impressed with all these refinements compared to the previous S series, and you should too.

Before ending this article, I’m pretty sure that you won’t want to pass up thegreat deals to trade your current devices and go for the Galaxy S23 Series. You have no idea how much the discounts are going to be applied when you have obtained the preorder voucher, trade-in your device, and also if you have student email to get the student’s discount.



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