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S23 Ultra scrren protector

(Topic created on: 05-22-2023 04:32 AM)
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Good morning Samsung members,
I was wondering what type of screen protector are you using on your s23 ultra. I had just purchased the privacy shade from the Samsung store and realized after install it does not cover the full screen. Leaving space on the top, bottom and sides. It is a bit annoying as the light from the screen is pretty apparent at night and every time I swap the screen from bottom... it feels like i am about to remove the screen protector. The privacy shades works pretty well... but the spaces very annoying. Anyone had tried the wrap around privacy shade screen protector ? Does it fit under a case properly? Thank youn in advance to answer my question.

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Personally I wouldn't be all that concerned about others seeing what is on the screen. Maybe if you spend lots of time on a bus or something, but even then.

Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass screen protectors are always my choice. 


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Whitestone dome tempered glass is the ONLY one for me. Used ot on all of my previous 3 Note phones.👍
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Another vote for Whitestone Dome here. My fingerprint sensor once in a while has some issues but for the look, the protection, hands down the best screen protector I've ever tried.
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Thank you guys so much for the kind reply. The privacy scrren was not so much a conncern. It was more the fact that the screen protector did not fit the entire screen. Will look and probably order the Whitestone domeTempered Glass model. Thank you again.