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Samsung Dex Problem, Feature or Bug?

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Forgotten Feature or possible bug in latest Samsung S Lineup

Hi, I'm an avid Samsung Fan, owner of an S24 ultra and Tab S9 Ultra.

Recently I was testing one feature that I used a lot with my old Samsung S10 and S20 , Samsung Dex always worked fine only plugging my monitor directly with USB C, however since my latest upgrades I found that my recently bought S24 and Tab S9 are not working that way. I tested them on my tv and I found that with Original Samsung Dex Station and Dex Pad it works flawlessly.

So, in my perspective as a computer scientist (I don't have access to the source code), since the latest Android upgrades (6.0 an up) in the Samsung S lineup, I think someone forgot to flag the Samsung Dex option without needing a station, the bizarre thing is that this doesn't occur with all my monitors, only with my latest Dell U2723QE 4k monitor and LG CX 4k tv, wich makes me wonder if this is really a mistake or a bug. Using the old S10 and S20 with old Android (before OneUI 6.0) still working flawlessly only with USB C cable with the same monitor and TV!

I hope you guys understood me and if you need more explanation or help, just send me a message.



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My Galaxy is also like this, this is very sad!
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- How strange is this difference... Why is that? 🤔