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Samsung galaxy S20 Ultra August security update

(Topic created on: 08-19-2023 06:45 AM)
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Hello everyone:

Wondering if you received August security update on S20 Ultra.
Both Rogers and Telus indicated that the update was released yesterday and I didn't receive it yet.

I have an unlocked S20 Ultra bought it directly from Samsung 
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Not yet, and the Carriers OS Update Schedule is always tentative. Their update schedule is based on the information provided to them by SA Canada, as the OS Updates are delivered from Samsung Canada servers, not the Canadian Carriers. 

Since December 2017, all devices sold in Canada are "unlocked" regardless of whether you purchased it from Samsung directly or one of the Canadian Carriers, or a retail outlet such as Best Buy. 

The SIM card that you insert into the phone, is what is actually "locked" to the Carrier, not the phone itself. It is the SIM that determines what "bloat-wear" gets installed on your device, and what features / functionality is available to your device.