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Samsung Health View All Data

(Topic created on: 08-14-2023 01:24 PM)
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It would be really great if in Samsung Health where we view our data over time if we could manipulate the time frames, and the graph data. Not change the data, just the graph bars so yrends are more visible and data is easier to see.

Instead of 1 week, 31 days and 12 months if we could choose to view all data over time or set our own time frames. Sometikes I want to examine the past 2 weeks or 3 or 6 month periods.

Also the weight bars, if we could set the low and high point to make our data easier to see the trends. The weights ate from 0 to whatever your highest is. If like to see say 100 pounds and up on the graph to easier be able to see the movement in the graph. Even a 20lb weight difference looks tiny when its almost a straight line because the graph is so weird. 

If your weight goes between 120 and 160 it would be nice to be able to put the weight bars at 110lbs to 170lbs. It would show the ups and downs better.
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I agree. Also would be nice if it displayed weight or composition changes automatically over a given time period displayed like other apps do.